ANGELZ, a former Def Jam signee who ghost-produced chart topping beats
between homework assignments as a 15-year-old, is known for pushing
boom bap edits onto discerning dance floors and up the charts. Though still
in his 20s, ANGELZ’s baroque beats fuse hip-hop’s raw energy and house’s
hypnotic rhythms with a psychic’s ear and a veteran’s finesse.
His first single, “Hey Girl” was the first release by French house-master
Tchami, on his Confession label. Its slow, B-boy hard house groove
perfectly captures ANGELZ’s sound.

The aptly named “Saint Thug” EP, ANGELZ sophomore release on
Confession, was the labels first 4-track release.

In early 2017 Confession released the “Alchemy” EP, a compilation of
label-talent that includes ANGELZ ironically named “Devils” as the lead
track. “Devil’s” is built around a widely popular Max Romeo sample, made
famous in the 90’s by The Prodigy. Recently, his follow up "Saint Thug pt
2” EP released in August 2017 included features by Kaleem Taylor & Hanz
Gable. ANGELZ finished the year with a massive collaboration with
Tchami, a single with Wax Motif and began a steady flow of new forwardthinking
releases that has not stopped yet.

However divergent ANGELZ’s direction may seem, his sonic compass is
clearly on point. Beats that once left executives scratching their heads now
have fans moving their bodies and superstar peers praising him in their sets.
The world may not think it’s ready for ANGELZ; fortunately ANGELZ
knows better.