ANGELZ synthesized his experience as a producer and his passion as a music lover. “I’ve always
liked the rawness of hip-hop mixed with the repetition of house beats. In my live sets, I’ll take
some obscure techno tracks and make edits, maybe add acappellas over it, and make them into
new tracks. It helps people digest complex genres when you have something familiar.”
The former Def Jam signee, who ghost-produced chart topping beats between homework
assignments as a 15-year-old, says “Everyone, the labels, were coming at me, asking me to
replicate a track I’d made for someone else. So I started sending them random stuff. I had started
listening to Detroit techno and Chicago house, and they were like ‘No one can rap on these
beats!’ So they stopped calling.” The demand for conformity reminded him of the time his piano
teacher chided him for deviating from the assignment and creating a song instead of studying

Testing limits comes easy to ANGELZ, who as a teen was addicted to P2P networks like The
Neptunes IRC, “It was super illegal, I didn’t know that Diplo was also on that channel and so was
Tyler the Creator. I became a huge hip-hop head in love with Timbaland and the Neptunes. I
learned how to sample by listening to Alchemist. I was the biggest pirate,” says the man who
adopted the DJ alias Smasha at age 8 to label the Big beat-laden mix tapes he had started

Reinvigorated by a reclusive 2011 in Australia with a “crummy laptop”, ANGELZ prepared for his
turn in the spotlight as Skrillex was blowing up. “I was really into Justice, Boys Noize, Crookers,
Para One,” he says. “I realized then that there’s a market to be your own man.” It was a game
changer for ANGELZ, who at 20 already had 8 years of producing rap to his credit but no idea
how to DJ or do the “house thing”.

Embracing house wholeheartedly, ANGELZ has gone back to one of his enduring strengths:
sampling. The proof is undeniable on his new single “Hey Girl”. To be released by French housemaster
Tchami, its slow, B-boy hard house groove captures ANGELZ’s new sound. “It’s 100%
about the vibe.”

However divergent ANGELZ’s direction may seem, his sonic compass is clearly on point. Though
still in his early 20s, ANGELZ’s baroque beats fuse hip-hop’s raw energy and house’s hypnotic
rhythms with a psychic’s ear and a veteran’s finesse. Beats that once left executives scratching
their heads soon had fans moving their bodies and superstar peers praising him in their sets. The
world may not think it’s ready for ANGELZ; fortunately ANGELZ knows better.