Few people understand the power of the party quite like Generik. The Melbourne native known to his proud Mum as Tyson O'Brien is a connoisseur of fun. 

Whether he's making summery house music in his jocks, lighting up a Las Vegas superclub, or befriending your favourite DJs on his year-round Tour of Cool, Generik's M.O. is good times, all the time. (He can also predict, with dead-on accuracy, whether it's a Shorts Day or a Pants Day.)

Every serious party animal needs to hibernate sometimes, and 2017 has been Generik's busiest studio year yet. Now based in Los Angeles, he's finished a stack of new music while - mostly - avoiding the temptations of his adopted home. "Learning not to go out on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is tricky for someone who likes to have fun," he admits. "But when you can see the end of the tunnel, it's an easy decision to work your arse off."

Don't worry: all that focus hasn’t turned Generik dull. "The Tour of Cool is still very much alive," he says. "It's just going to bed slightly earlier, getting ready to swing back at full force once all this music is out…”

Generik’s full force phase took off in November with So High, a feelgood house jam drenched in LA sunshine. "My music is made for summer and made for dancing," he says. "So High is a bit of a love song: it's about feeling good from love." So High follows a pair of equally mood-enhancing Generik hits from 2016: Late At Night and Be There, featuring the vocal talents of A*M*E.

Hot on the heels of So High, Generik has big remixes coming for crossover superstar Halsey. DJ SNAKE, Dillion France and UK indie sensations Bastille. He's also cooked up a few no-nonsense DJ weapons aimed squarely at a club near you. "I wanted to make some bigger records you won't be singing along to at the gym," he says. "These ones you'll be out there raving to."

Getting people out there raving is another Generik speciality. His DJ schedule is far from typical, with weekly shows at the Las Vegas superclub trifecta of OMNIA, Hakkasan and Wet Republic. On those trips, he regularly opens up for his good mate and super-famous-DJ Calvin Harris. “Vegas is the biggest mishmash of people all in one amazing place,” he says. “It really makes you work as a DJ.” Generik can also be found at clubs across North America like Miami’s LIV and New York’s LAVO, before swinging back home for an Australian summer of shows and shoeys.

"Writing all this music is almost like my album year," he says. "I'm going to showcase everything that I like: poppy stuff, fun stuff, club records, and a banger here and there. Everything that's Generik."