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With a blend of electronic and live music elements, Australian-bred Mark Kwong has created a truly unique vision in Neon Tiger.  Amongst incredible success with Billboard and ARIA Charting songs with critical acclaim, or DJ shows at institution clubs and festivals across the world with his house music alias ‘Maarcos’ and previously ‘Those Usual Suspects’, ‘Neon Tiger’ is his proudest achievement to date.

Always a step ahead creatively, Mark wanted to challenge himself and wiped his musical slate clean.  A small, molecular cloud of an idea to create an album has ignited into it’s own galaxy that Neon Tiger can now explore.  Inspired by 80s synth pop, funk and cinematic sounds, Mark is set to create his magnum opus.

The album has taken broad experiences from travel, life and music and began it’s first phase in Mark’s New York apartment.  Whilst his living room was converted into his creative writing studio hub, the rest of the city served as his writing outposts.  Musical ideas and themes were written on the banks of the Hudson River or the fields of Central Park, whilst lyrical elements and motifs were derived from the passing masses of the city.  A rough draft script was also written to dictate the music and provide a deeper layer and sense of meaning to the work.  No stone was left unturned with regards to attention to detail.  The second half of production moved to Los Angeles where recording of instruments (all played by Mark), and vocal recording (sung by Mark unless using feature vocalist) took place.

The result is “Paperback Sunset”.  A true work of passion combining vintage sounds with modern technology that is a work beyond genres.  Traversing Indie Pop and Dance with “Neon Rose” and Hype Machine Trending #1 “Summer”, Grungy Synth Pop with “We Can Run”, Indie Electro with the mercurial “M.Y.M.D.M” or Cinematic Soundtracks with “The Cliff”, Mark does not adhere to a specific formula.  Despite this, the album has a clear sense of continuity and creates it’s own harmonious world. 

Neon Tiger will now be sharing the Paperback Sunset world as a piece of his ever-expanding galaxy, with a live electronic performance showcase and accompanying DJ sets.  Come and join the journey!