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We're an international artist duo who produce and play house music. Our signature sound has been described once as "music that makes your girlfriend wanna dance", but of course as an artist you're always trying to take things to the next level - "music that makes your entire family including even your goldfish wanna dance". We were born in the 80's, so musically speaking, w're kids of the 90's - you may be able to hear some of that in our sounds as well. For over 10 years, we've been doing music together, on the side, and that is pretty much still the case. That is why we've learnt to value musical substance over form and take most of the secondary issues of the music game with a grain of salt (for instance, whether you really need a quasi - 3rd person bio). Recently, Redondo singles "Love Too Deep" and "Tattoo Girl" and other works on labels like Spinnin' Records, Toolroom and Material have gotten us in an all new spotlight. Meanwhile we just keep on doing what we like, trying to contribute something by enjoying ourselves and enjoying others - that's what makes it worth our while. Nothing more and nothing less. We are originally from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and we run our label Witty Tunes out of Washington, DC together with our brothers Sideburn. See you soon somewhere around the world.