Preston (a.k.a. Robotaki) was once a normal boy, living a rather dull and typical life. However, at the age of 14, this all changed unexpectedly when a browned piece of parchment was pushed through his letter box one winter’s evening. He held the sealed letter in his hand and noticed the lack of a return address or oily fingermarks around its border. By a dim candle light, he hungrily opened the letter and focused on the words inked at the very top which read: “You’re a producer, Harry.” Later that night, he was approached by a large man whose face was nearly covered by his beard and insisted that Preston came with him. The boy cheesed it fearing for his life.

Despite the fact the letter was blatantly addressed to the wrong person, Preston took it to heart and began to produce music in his small room under the stairs, all-the-while avoiding harassment from his annoying and life-threateningly obese older cousin. The letter also included information how to come into contact with others like himself, explaining how he would have to run into a brick pillar labelled “Platform 9 3/4.” Unfortunately, he instead suffered a concussion following these instructions and still feels the debilitating consequences today due to his lack of foresight. Regardless, he has since released his first 3 track EP, 'Raton Laveur', and has worked with the likes of AWOLNATION, The M Machine, Chilly Gonzales, The M Machine, Shinichi Osawa, Kavinsky, Housse de Racket, DJ Shadow, Penguin Prison, and Popular Computer, and is in the process of completing his second EP.