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Too $hort (born Todd Shaw) is as much a myth as he is a man. The godfather of Bay Area hip-hop, the creator of pimp rap, the originator of the independent hustle, the controversial youth advocate and the Hugh Hefner of urban America, $hort Dog is a pioneer and a legend. His revered status is backed by an incredible track record that spans over thirty years in the entertainment industry and includes 19 albums—10 of which have earned gold and/or platinum plaques.

With Too $hort’s resume and list of accolades most would retire, but he’s far from finished. The freaky, over-the-top Vegas musical review era of his life is forthcoming he assures, but he’s not ready to step out of the booth yet. He had the biggest record of his career at the age of 40, in “Blow The Whistle,” so why not another classic at the age of 45 or 50? Even after 30 years into his music career, his catalogue isn’t often critiqued, as it’s woven into the very fabric of the Bay Area and hip-hop. 

On $hort’s upcoming release for his 20th Studio album, The Pimp Tape (release date 5/26), which includes anthems that are sonically more diverse than they have been in recent years. He’s recently made a lot of fun up-tempo music, but his fans kept coming to him asking for the old school, mellowed out $hort Dog sound they grew up on. Sonically that means that The Pimp Tape sounds smooth, mobbish and funky, but also more melodic than the sparse, bottom-heavy g-funk of his early work, or the raucous hyphy sound of his more recent work.  Songs like his recent single release from The Pimp Tape “Aint My GirlFriend” with Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih and French Montana will get the fans wanting more, as it captures the old and the new that fans have been craving for.

The Pimp Tape features collaborations with stars like Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, French Montana, G-Easy, TI, 2 Chains, Snoop Dogg and more, as $hort fills in the play-by-play like only he can. The sound is full, musical and refreshing, and is a great example of his return to the live instrumentation, story telling and old school flavor that made his name and music the stuff of legend. That type of multi-medium ambition might intimidate emcees half his age, but it hardly phases $horty The Pimp. If anything, he’s determined to show the world how dope he still is on his own terms. And that hustler’s spirit is exactly why $hort won’t stop rappin’…